GoldenChoco Music Videos

How to Post a Videos?

How post a video from other video sharing platform and make it as input to playlist?

  1. Make sure you are login on GMV and registered as Verified user.
  2. Click "Suggest video" on top menu, under username.
  3. Open other video sharing platform (exp: youtube or dailymotion). 
  4. Choose a video, and copy the URL.
  5. Paste the URL on "Suggest video" page.
  6. Edit the Video Title. Category and Description.
  7. Note! You must choose a category, before you click Submit button.
  8. Check all inputs, then click Submit button.
  9. Voilla, you video is up and online.

Here is a simple step by pictures:

Step 1 - 2

Step 3 - 4

Step 5 - 8

Congratulations, your videos is now online!


Add videos into a playlist.

  1. Choose a video that you want to add to a playlist
  2. Scroll a bit to below, and click Add to button below the video player.
  3. Choose a playlist, or you can make a new playlist by typing the name and choose the privacy setting.
  4. Public means, your playlist is accesible by other user and guest, Private means only you can access it.
  5. Then click Create playlist button.
  6. Do a same step for another video.